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Dhwaneet Bhatt


I am a Software Engineer with experience of working in startups and large organizations. My expertise is back-end development and cloud architecture.

I started my career building and maintaining web applications and backend systems for Sokrati. Tech stack was based on Java and MySQL and we were writing services that interacted with Google AdWords and Facebook Exchange (FBX) APIs to serve ads. I was part of the oncall rotation team and I got exposure to a lot of internal tools for deployment, monitoring and end-to-end testing.

At Birst, ( before being acquired by Infor), I was building backend systems in Java. I was actively involved in DevOps and helped maintain CI/CD pipelines on Jenkins that deployed to AWS. Led multiple teams before moving on.

At present, I am the Head of Engineering at Novo, a fintech startup building products for small and medium businesses in the US. I lead the engineering team in building features and core infrastructure.