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Dhwaneet Bhatt

🙋‍♂️ About

Hello 👋, I am Dhwaneet, and I live in Ahmedabad with my family. My native place is Bhavnagar.

I'm a Software Engineer by profession. I've worked in small and medium-sized startups and specialised in backend, web, and cloud infrastructure.

I spend most of my time outside of work with my family. In the remaining time, I try to follow up on my hobbies.

I read non-fiction books. I read a lot of different topics. I believe that knowledge helps me become a better human.

I enjoy running and try to do that at least two times a week. While running, I listen to podcasts. My favourite ones are Huberman Labs and Naval. I also like learning about health and nutrition.

Lastly, I like to watch sci-fi TV shows and movies.

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