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Dhwaneet Bhatt

🙋‍♂️ About

I started programming with C in 2006 and the most complex program I wrote that year was a Tower of Hanoi algorithm along with a DOS based graphics screen that showed the disks moving step-by-step that looked something like this. I qualified for INOI in 2006 by brute forcing a O(n3) solution in the qualifying round, although I did not know what "algorithms" were at that age so I terribly failed the training camp for the International Olympiad. I graduated with Computer Science in 2011.

I started my career building and maintaining web applications and backend systems for Sokrati. I was also part of the oncall rotation team and I got exposure to a lot of internal tools for deployment, monitoring and end-to-end testing.

At Birst (later acquired by Infor), I was building backend systems and APIs for product features and was actively involved in evolving and scaling production infrastructure.

I was a Backend Engineer and then eventually the Head of Engineering at Novo. I led the engineering team in building features and core infrastructure from Seed to Series A.

Currently I am a Staff Engineer at Postman, doing my part in building an API development platform loved by developers all around the world.